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Organized Tara tour

We provide organized car tours for all our guests to help them experience the natural beauty that Tara has to offer. Every tour is carefully planned out in advance and adjusted to suit every age group’s needs.


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Sokolarica viewpoint

The Sokolarica viewpoint is about 1.5km from the center of town and offers a stunning view of the Rača Canyon, Crnjeskovo, Korinjska Gora and the Cross.

From there you can see the famous Crossed Rock. It is a boulder that belonged to the city of Petrus, the largest military base in medieval Serbia.

The Sokolarica lookout is an excellent destination for any beginner who has interest in mountaineering and Tara tour, thanks to its easy-to-reach location. There are also many other trails to explore within the lookout. Please note that open flames and fire are strictly prohibited in this area.

Sokolarica is a natural reserve in which one can find the Balkans pine forest and the forest that’s full of elms, oaks, black birches and beech trees. Here also lives brown bears, so you might want to be careful when climbing up to the viewpoint…

rajski bor viewpoint
rajski bor viewpoint


Lake Zaovine

The lake lies 400 meters above sea level in the town of Zaovina, Tara’s treacherous peaks. It was created by pouring cement into an aquatic valley between 1975 and 1983 near Kik Peak, 958 meters high.

Lake Zaovine is very popular for its unkempt beaches and is an ideal place for all bathers. The nature surrounding the lake is true paradise, with lakeside cottages serving as accommodations. Fairytale landscapes are something that will win you over at first sight!

This lake is a popular fishing spot for many enthusiasts. Located near this area is where Josif Pančić, our world famous botanist, discovered the endemic and rare species of Pančić’s spruce. In total, there are over 600 plant species found in this region.

rajski bor lake zaovine
rajski bor carpet meadow
tara bear prints
tara banjska stena
rajski bor hiking tour
hiking tour view tara


Banjska stena and lake Perućac

Come breathe deeply and experience the natural world with all your senses!

Note: Tours are conducted in accordance with the agreements we make with guests, and the tours depend on weather conditions.

Banjska stena is one of the most famous and beautiful viewpoints on Tara tour. The viewpoint was named after the Banjsko vrelo, which erupted at its foot. The spring was of karst origin with a constant water temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. It got its name from the Turkish word banja, meaning “bath”. The local population used the water from the spring even in winter, because it maintained the same temperature all year round. However, this feature was submerged by the the construction of Lake Perućac.

At the viewpoint, which is located at 1065 meters above sea level, there is an unforgettable view of Perućac reservoir, the canyon of the Drina river and Osat in Bosnia. Osat is a regional unit in Bosnia, on the left side of the middle course of the Drina River. Benjsko točilo stretches below the viewpoint. In the 19th century, it was used to transport wood down the mill to rafters where it was made into rafts that were lowered by experienced rafters down the Drina and Sava rivers to Belgrade. Today, it’s overgrown with vegetation, among which there are numerous rare plant species.


More attractions within the trips

river vrelo tara
River Vrelo

The Vrelo River has a large, powerful source, a mill on the left bank, one left tributary in the form of a clear stream, a settlement on the left bank, three bridges, and a mini hydroelectric power plant.

drina river house
Drina river house

Drina river house is a wooden, cabin-like house on the rock in the middle of the Drina river, near the town of Bajina Bašta in western Serbia.

carpet meadow tara
Carpet Meadow

The locality Carpet Meadow is a part of the forest in the center of the reserve. The locality got its name because of the softness of the substrate due to the deformation of the peat layers.

raca monastery tara
Rača Monastery

Rača Monastery is an endowment of King Dragutin Nemanjić from the 13th century. Part of his holy relics have recently been located in this temple.